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Meet The Engineering Technology Group Team -
CNC lathe & milling machine tools specialists

Welcome to ETG, the CNC lathe and milling machine tool specialists, meet the team page. Here you can explore staff profiles.

The group is divided into teams,  although we are one big family. Shown right is the sales team. All of our people work passionately, each a CNC lathe and milling machine tool specialist in their own right, with the goal of “Making Engineers Champions”.

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Management Team

Martin Doyle

Group Managing Director

Focused, Committed, Impatient - As the Group Managing Director, Martin’s role keeps him very busy, but happy. His constant work developing strategic initiatives and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company allows him to be involved in every part of ETG. In his spare time, Martin exercises his passion for coral reef preservation, cultivating endangered corals for conservation. As well as this, Martin is a keen motorsport enthusiast and dreamed of being a fireman in his younger days. Keeping him motivated are these words from Joseph Cyril Bamford: “The people who make things move in this world share the same sense of urgency.”

Adam Maher

Chief Operating Officer

Dependable, Intelligent, Industrious - In a busy role that varies from day-to-day, Adam thrives on working towards business improvement projects while assessing the short and long-term needs of the business. Passionately curious, Adam is keen to develop his cooking skills and planning his next trip. In his younger days, he dreamed of being an accountant and was honing his pool skills.

Steve Brown

Sales Director

Thoughtful, Positive, Committed - As Sales Director, Steve is responsible for the Group Sales Team, focusing on both machine tools and workholding, his day-to-day duties are varied. He finds his role most rewarding when he is able to see a full turnkey solution in action, knowing this has touched all elements a client’s business and resulting in, most importantly, a happy customer. Away from work, he enjoys swimming along with coaching his son’s football team. This is a change from his younger years when he used to compete in show jumping and cross country.

Martin Price

Operations Director

Reliable, Realistic, Creative - Sixteen years with ETG have allowed Martin to develop a role that is impactful and has allowed him to make some real improvements within his department. He gets an extra kick out of people engaging with the products and providing feedback, as it gives him the chance to re-evaluate and develop even further. Able to cut onions without crying, Martin enjoys his spare time by golfing and spending time with his three children.

James_fletchmoore - ETG Managing Director - Ireland

James Fletchmoore

Managing Director – Ireland

Honest, Loyal, Team Player - James has been working with ETG since 2014 and spends his workdays supporting his colleagues in all areas of ETG’s business from sales to service. His role at ETG appeals to him because of the versatility required of him due to the daily challenges involved. In his youth, James undertook a pretty serious rugby career, having represented his county and subsequently LondonWelsh in a semi-professional position. In his spare time, James enjoys coaching the next generation of rugby and a few rounds of golf.

Sales Team

Steve Brown

Sales Director and Head of Sales

Thoughtful, Positive, Committed - As Sales Director, Steve is responsible for the Group Sales Team, focusing on both machine tools and workholding, his day-to-day duties are varied. He finds his role most rewarding when he is able to see a full turnkey solution in action, knowing this has touched all elements a client’s business and resulting in, most importantly, a happy customer. Away from work, he enjoys swimming along with coaching his son’s football team. This is a change from his younger years when he used to compete in show jumping and cross country.

Paul Reeves

Key Account Manager

Focused, Whitty, Reliable - With a total of 20 years’ experience in the engineering sales world, Paul can apply a good deal of expertise to his role as Key Account Manager. Taking every opportunity to work with customers to learn about their process and needs, Paul undertakes a customer-centric and vital role. For over 25 years Paul has been a scratch handicap golfer and still represents Worcestershire at a county level. In his spare time, Paul is occupied with either his family or his golf.

Clinton Wood

Regional Sales Manager – South West

Centred, Sees the humour, Keeps on keeping on - Clinton comes from an extensive background in sales and engineering, equipping him perfectly for his position at ETG. His working days are spent aiding customers in finding the ideal machining solutions to suit their needs. Clinton delights in a role where every day is new and is something of a machining problem solver. In his spare time, he enjoys anything to do with motorcycles and a bit of circuit training in between.

John Brimblecombe

Regional Sales Manager – North West

Dedicated, Methodical, Ambitious - John’s favourite part of his position at ETG is his colleagues, who he describes as devoted, hardworking and always willing to go the extra mile. His role as Regional Sales Manager sees John enjoying a very customer-orientated work life, with most of his time occupied by client visits and participating in projects of all sizes. John previously dreamed of being a professional golfer and still plays today in his spare time.

Lee Adamson

Regional Sales Manager – North East

Honest, Reliable, Committed - Lee’s role sees him travelling extensively throughout the North East of England, visiting new and existing customers and discussing with them the latest and most exciting technology that ETG can provide. He enjoys being able to realise projects alongside customers and witnessing their satisfaction with ETG’s solutions. In his spare time, Lee tours with his rock band and used to dream of being a superhero.

Jon Mannion

Regional Sales Manager – East Midlands

Friendly, Passionate, Loyal - In his day-to-day role, Jon is occupied with client visits and appointments, enabling him to build relationships with a wide range of ETG customers. Jon gets the best out of his position when he is able to provide customers with the solution they need. In his youth, Jon was top notch swimmer, representing Leicestershire in freestyle events and used to picture himself as a farmer.

James Fell

Regional Sales Manager – South East

Trustworthy, Tenacious, Ambitious - James’ role is hugely varied, something which he enjoys in conjunction with his supportive colleagues and the sheer variety of products which he is able to sell. When he was younger, James dreamed of joining the RAF as a pilot and enjoys his spare time with his family and pursuing cycling both on and off the road.

Phil Broom

Internal Sales / Commercial Lead

Honest, Loyal, Reliable - Phil’s six years with ETG have seen him develop a role that is dynamic and varies on a daily basis. He enjoys getting stuck in with all branches of the company, undertaking pre and post-sales efforts and partaking in internal and external meetings. Phil was once a rally co-driver and used to dream of being a mechanical engineer.

Rene Parker

Sales Support

Reliable, Trustworthy, Honest - Rene has 10 years of ETG experience under her belt, undertaking the role of Sales Support. There is nothing she doesn’t enjoy about her role, being kept busy with greeting clients and ensuring their needs are met. Rene is the front line of our sales team and her amenable and friendly manner is a vital part of the ETG sales experience. Rene’s younger days had her dreaming of becoming a nurse and she enjoys burying herself in a good book.

Operations Team

Martin Price

Operations Director

Reliable, Realistic, Creative - Sixteen years with ETG have allowed Martin to develop a role that is impactful and has allowed him to make some real improvements within his department. He gets an extra kick out of people engaging with the products and providing feedback, as it gives him the chance to re-evaluate and develop even further. Able to cut onions without crying, Martin enjoys his spare time by golfing and spending time with his three children.

Tim Dean

Engineering – Service Manager

Driven, Loyal, Industrious - Tim’s role managing the Service team ensures he is kept busy handling customer requirements and ensuring that ETG’s fleet of Field Service Engineers are utilised exactly where they are needed. As part of his work, Tim has been able to spend time in Ireland, Germany and some restricted UK-based companies. Tim enjoys being an instrumental part of ETG’s service portfolio, making sure customers’ issues are resolved. Even in his youth, Tim dreamed of becoming an engineer.

Alex Price

Engineering – Technical Support Engineer

Committed, Reliable, Ambitious - Alex’s role as a Technical Support Engineer enables him to enjoy a role that is so varied that no two days are the same. His work servicing ETG’s fleet of machines ensures that customers receive fully prepared and equipped solutions and, just as importantly, they stay that way. His engineering work has taken Alex to exciting places such as Williams F1 and allows customers’ production to maintain stable. Rather fittingly, in his youth, he dreamed of becoming the skilled engineer he is today.

Dave Moroney

Engineering – Technical Support Engineer

Alistair James

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Christopher Rackley

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Connor Jevons

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Reliable, Ambitious, Balanced - Connor’s outgoing role as a Field Service Engineer for ETG ensures that he is kept busy fulfilling our commitment to complete turnkey solutions. In Connor’s role, he finds that no two days are the same, with new challenges and opportunities arising all the time. Connor’s role has enabled him to travel to facilities such as the Williams F1 plant and as far afield as Germany. Until suffering an injury in his youth, Connor was on track to play for what he claims is the greatest football team in the world, Aston Villa.

Conner Doyle

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Reliable, Committed, Persistent - The life of a Field Service Engineer sees Connor enjoy a differing workload. Commissioning new machines, conducting life-extending health checks on existing systems and conducting reactive repairs to faulty machines are all in a day’s work. This work has taken Connor to all levels of the manufacturing industry, from small firms to major industry-leaders and even into MOD and RAF facilities. On-site work such as Connor’s allows for the building of closer customer relations and for a better understanding of their processes, leading to the provision of more productive solutions. When he was younger, Connor had simple ambitions: to be older, wiser and wealthier.

Jon Ball

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Andy Smart

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Reliable, Honest, Realistic - The role of a Field Service Engineer sees Andy occupied with repairing, servicing and installing ETG’s industry-leading machinery. His work within the Operations Team allows the company to assist its customers with improving processes, as a part of ETG’s wider portfolio of turnkey solutions. Andy’s favourite aspect of his role is the ability it gives him to operate within a constantly evolving environment and perform a role that is different each day. When he was younger, Andy dreamed of being a ranger at Exmoor National Park.

Michael Bright

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Michael Morrison

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Roger Goodman

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Experienced, Sociable, Trustworthy - Roger’s role as a Service Engineer allows him to work in tandem with an impressive portfolio of fellow engineers, something he particularly enjoys. He also appreciates the opportunity to enhance ETG’s customer solution offerings through his 52 years of experience in the world of machine tools. When he was younger, Roger had dreamed of being the age he is now.

Sedat Kurtulus

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Honest, Loyal, Perfections - The ability to travel around the UK and visit differing client facilities makes for a role as Field Service Engineer which Sedat enjoys. He is always keen to ensure that the work he undertakes is of as high a quality as possible, maintaining ETG’s reputation for industry-leading solutions. In the past, Sedat has been fortunate enough to visit Bavius and learn more about the processes involved, allowing him to better-service the machines themselves. As a boy, Sedat had dreamed of following his interests in football and mechanical engineering.

Matt Burden

Engineering – Field Service Engineer

Friendly, Driven, Team Player - A diverse role, Field Service Engineer, sees Matt varying his workload between a selection of tasks. Primarily involved in the servicing and maintenance of ETG’s client’s machines, Matt particularly enjoys the sheer variety within his role and the ability to aid customers in finding the perfect bespoke solution. As with many ETG team members, Matt’s role has taken his as far afield as Germany, in order to learn more about the machines and process with which he interacts on a daily basis. In his younger days, Matt dreamed of becoming a professional rugby player but admits that these days he’s perfectly happy watching from a distance with a beer.

James Hart

Engineering – Apprentice Service Engineer

Methodical, Steadfast, Realistic - In his role as an Apprentice Service Engineer, James is busy learning the machines and skills which will aid him in his future career. Frequently accompanying a qualified engineer, James makes regular visits to customer sites to repair and modify client machines. Since starting with ETG, James has enjoyed visits to all corners of the UK as well as travelling to Germany to visit Stama and Chiron. Because of James’ dual experience with both service engineering and PDI, he will make a valuable future asset to the company. Having begun his training two years ago, he is increasingly confident with the machinery at hand the processes involved. As a boy, James had dreamed of becoming a designer in the sporting worlds of snowboarding and mountain biking.

James Temple

Spares – Spares Co-ordinator

Attentive, Rational, Analytical - James’ role as Spares Co-ordinator involves the undertaking liaising with a range of international customers and suppliers to ensure ETG’s commitment to turnkey solutions is upheld. James particularly enjoys his role as he is given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of complex machine tools and work with a friendly team. His aim at all times is to ensure the customer’s needs are met as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising their machine downtime and boosting returns. When he was younger, James had dreamed of becoming a musician.

Tom Bell

Spares – Spares Supervisor

Conscientious, Reliable, Honest - Tom’s position as Spares Supervisor sees him providing ongoing support to customers, sourcing and supplying the necessary spare parts to ensure their production is able to run smoothly. During his time at ETG, Tom has been fortunate to travel to Germany in order to learn more about the production facilities where his spare parts are put to use. Tom particularly enjoys the variety of his work, with ETG’s portfolio being so broad he finds that no two days are the same. When he was younger, Tom had dreamed of entering the world of professional sports.

Donna Copson

Service Support – Service & Spares Co-ordinator

Friendly, Team Player, Reliable - Working within the Service and Spares team, Donna’s role as Service and Spares Coordinator is mixed. Her time is occupied, ensuring that the day-to-day operations of her department run as smoothly as possible and customers receive the support they need. Donna’s role aids ETG’s customers through the support given to their manufacturing processes, making sure that engineers are available as and when the customer needs them and minimising production downtimes caused my machine malfunction. When she was younger, Donna aspired to be a lawyer.

Jessica Wigley

Service Support – Service Co-ordinator

Creative, Strong-Minded, Vibrant - ETG’s Service Team are the first point of contact for any customers facing issues with their machines. As such, Jess’ role is highly important, as production down-times can cost customers. Jess is able to build working relationships with customers to ensure they find it as easy as possible to resolve any issues. Jess’ favourite aspect of her position is the knowledge of a satisfied customer, keen to develop her relatively new role with ETG; Jess is determined to learn fast and to ensure every customer receives the support they need. In her youth, Jess dreamed of being a dancer, and in fact, became one. For eight years she trained and toured the world before settling into her life at ETG.

David Lowe

Technical Pre-Sales – Project Lead

Focussed, Driven, Sporting - Operating as Project Lead with ETG’s Pre-Sales team, David manages turnkey solutions project and ensures machines and their accompanying specifications are delivered on time. His work has taken him as far afield and Sweden, Germany and Japan, in the process of furthering his knowledge and understanding of the solutions that can be provided. David particularly enjoys his role as it allows him to travel to customer sites and has a long history of effective work within the ETG family. Between the ages of ten and fourteen, David was busy pursuing a career in professional football.

Gordon Coates

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Engineer

Conscientious, Realistic, Team Player - Gordon’s position as a Technical Engineer sees him work within the Technical Pre-Sales division in a role that allows him to be involved in almost every stage of the turnkey solutions process, from pre-sales to delivery. Having worked with ETG for some 13 years, Gordon has travelled widely in the pursuit of greater product and solutions knowledge, even as far afield as Germany and Japan. Gordon’s favourite aspect of his role is the ability it gives him to work with and support customers in a varied work life, which involves working with the very latest technology. As a young engineer, Gordon had considered the Merchant Navy as a career and spent four weeks on a training ship between Norway, Denmark and France.

Andrew Belcher

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Engineer

Professional, Efficient, Driven - Andy’s work with ETG ensures that the customer always receives the solution that is most applicable to their issues. As a Technical Engineer, Andy spends his working days specifying turnkey solutions, starting at the machine concept and following through all the way to the final implementation. The highlight of his role for Andy is the ability to work with new technology and has been fortunate enough to travel as far afield as Germany, to the Chiron facility to enhance his ability to provide industry-leading solutions. Once upon a time, Andy had desires to become a racing driver.

David Sayers

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Engineer

Reliable, Loyal, Witty - A day in the life at ETG for David involves working with customers to provide them with bespoke turnkey solutions and liaising with the necessary departments within ETG to realise these. David also assists other departments with understanding customer requirements for training. The aspect of his role, which he enjoys the most is the ability to impart his expert knowledge onto customers, enabling them to further enhance their processes. When he was younger, David had dreamed of becoming a professional footballer.

Steve Howes

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Engineer

Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Ambitious - Embracing the opportunity to work with the very latest in machine tool technology, Steven’s role at ETG involves undertaking customer training and enabling the provision of turnkey solutions to customers. Steven’s pursuit of further understanding has taken him as far as Japan and Germany to visit Nakamura Tome and CHIRON, respectively. Steven particularly enjoys being able to share his knowledge with others and aiding customers in improving their processes. Once upon a time, Steven had dreamed of becoming a professional mountain biker.

Simon Smart

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Support Engineer

Committed, Flexible, Friendly - The life of a Technical Support Engineer allows Simon to travel throughout the U.K, providing expert support to ETG’s wide customer base. Simon also provides training to support operators and programmers, having travelled to Ireland to allow him to develop a greater training knowledge base. The aspect of his role, which Simon enjoys the most is the ability to travel and gain insight into the applications which customers find for their machines and solutions. With a keen interest in physics, Simon had dreamed of becoming an astrophysicist in his younger days.

Chloe Reeve

Technical Pre-Sales – Technical Co-ordinator

Hilarious, Chaotic, Loving - Chloe’s work with ETG’s Pre-Sales team involves the creation of product demos for technical centres and completing programmes of operator and programmer training in all areas of the UK for new and existing customers. Her outgoing role enables her to visit some of the more remote areas of the UK, which she particularly enjoys, as well as the ability to teach customers best practice for their new operational processes. From the age of three, Chloe took up dancing and used to dream of a career as a dancer until an injury pushed her future in a different direction.

Doz McKillop

Pre-Delivery Inspection – Supervisor

Trustworthy, Responsible, Inquisitive - The focus of Doz’s role is on the pre-delivery inspection of equipment, but he is also responsible for the loading and unloading of products and designing and fitting bespoke machine modifications in line with customer specifications. Despite being primarily factory-based, Doz does relish in the opportunity to make site visits and observe the state-of-the-art technology in use. Doz’s favourite aspects of his role are the opportunities to work on projects of all sizes, especially when his skills are tested by a particularly creative issue, as well as the ability to train some of ETG’s apprentice workforce, passing on his specialised knowledge. In his youth, Doz had dreamed of training as an airline pilot.

Ben Skinner

Pre-Delivery Inspection – Engineer

Creative, Logical, Reliable - Ben’s position within the Pre-Sales team requires him to construct high-tech machinery and to implement the bespoke modification specifications requested by ETG’s customers. These include rotary tables, probes, coolant systems and hydraulic systems. His work as a PDI Engineer ensures that the machine that reaches the customer fits their exact requirements. Ben has been with ETG for some six years, but within the first few weeks of his employment, he was dispatched to Germany to learn more about the machines he builds. This is still a highlight for Ben, and he enjoys the aspects of his role, which allow him to be creative, designing new systems and solutions for customers. In his youth, Ben dreamed of becoming a comic book artist, and still pursues his creative outlets.

Kieran Cope

Goods Inward / Despatch

Creative, Uncanny, Curious - Kieran performs a vital role within ETG’s operations; he is responsible for monitoring and handling the coming and going of goods throughout the company’s facility. In addition to this, he then coordinates with the relevant team members to ensure that they are aware of the status of their orders. Able to work with a variety of ETG’s staff, Kieran enjoys cooperative work with other team members. Prior to working within the ETG family, Kieran was fashion designer in London for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Fire Trap.